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Youth in Mission

It’s about a journey and journeys!

Youth in Mission is about a journey and journeys. It is about the journey that a youth is on as they grow through their adolescence and learn about their place in this world and about the other places and people that are in this world with them. It is about learning how our journeys are connected throughout generations and places with others in our own communities, as well as with the countless peoples from whom we have yet to learn. Finally, it is about our journey with Jesus, and recognizing how we are called to do mission in a new but very old way. Youth in Mission programs give youth a setting that will encouraging learning about these new and very old ways of doing mission.

Youth in Mission a leadership development program that offers unique experiences to youth and youth groups by providing experiential learning opportunities in four particular areas:

Please take some time learn more about our programs, and we pray that you will consider joining us on the journey!