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Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

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Beyond Belief

Senior high youth groups are invited to join us at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago for an opportunity to experience Chicago in a way that very unique and different from the ways that most experience Chicago when they come here. 

Through our Beyond Belief program we work, in partnership with youth ministers and pastors, to give youth groups a unique mission experience.  While most youth group mission trips involve a large number of hours spent doing service projects, Beyond Belief switches it up and works to give youth groups the opportunity to engage in relationship building and experiential learning with ministries, social service, and social justice organizations that serve a variety of marginalized populations throughout the Chicagoland area.

Beyond Belief is designed to give youth:

Youth in Mission staff will work with youth ministers and/or pastors to personalize the youth group’s Beyond Belief experience.

Youth in Mission provides:

What are the costs?

In addition to the housing costs, which are outlined on the Youth Center page, suggested donations to the organizations and ministries who are providing experiential learning opportunities of the youth group is required. Amount of donation will be discussed with Youth in Mission staff during the planning of the Beyond Belief experience.